Marketplace Report for Friday, November 7, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Friday, November 7, 2008

The layaway plan is back

Knowing people have less cash in their wallets, some retailers are turning to old tricks to get shoppers spending money during the holiday season. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the story.
Posted In: Economy, Internet, Retail

Living alone's not so great right now

Ah, getting that first apartment by yourself. No more living with parents or roommates. So grown up. But commentator Reihan Salam found out that having your own place has definite drawbacks.
Posted In: Economy, Housing

Investing in poker futures

More than $32 million is at stake in the 2008 Texas Hold 'em tournament. The odds of taking any of it home? 10%. Not so good when you can't afford to lose the $10,000 entry fee. Amanda Becker reports on how some players are getting around that.
Posted In: Economy, Entertainment, Investing

Presidential plans and a downhill Dow

The election of the first African-American president was a historic event. The financial crisis didn't take any time off, though. Scott Jagow recaps the week with Johs Worsoe of Union Bank and Jerry Seib of the Wall Street Journal.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Financial firms want bailout clarified

Neel Kashkari of the Treasury is heading to a securities industry gathering to explain the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Some financial players are reluctant to apply because details are unclear. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Job losses expected to keep climbing

With unemployment at 6.5%, those still employed are wondering how long their jobs will be safe. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at the impact of high unemployment and asks if it will get worse.
Posted In: Economy, Jobs

Obama calls for swift stimulus package

In his first news conference, President-elect Barack Obama called for swift action on the country's financial crisis. Host Scott Jagow asks Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale about Obama's road map for the economy.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

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