Marketplace Report for Friday, November 28,2008

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Marketplace Report for Friday, November 28,2008

Black Friday draws unruly crowds

A stampede of Black Friday shoppers trampled a man to death on Long Island, and two shoppers were shot to death in a toy store near Palm Springs. In spite of the crowds, some analysts said sales were down. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Small airports hit hard by airline cuts

Regional airports were thriving on the passenger overflow from the big airport hubs. But as airlines cancel routes and make other cutbacks, that overflow has turned into a trickle. Hugh Hill reports.
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Looking at Obama's team of pros

Obama's economic team was a big story this week. Kai Ryssdal talks with N.Y. Times columnist David Leonhardt and writer Megan McArdle about the president-elect's picks and other market news.
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Not a good time for a hiring freeze

Companies that lay off rank and file employees are missing an opportunity for success. Commentator Amelia Tyagi suggests simultaneously replacing some executives to generate innovation and change.
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L.A. considers green building codes

Los Angeles, one of the nation's most smog-filled cities, is trying to turn its skyscrapers green. The effort would also create jobs. A green building measure is waiting for city council approval. Rob Schmitz reports.
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New E.U. law to require safer chemicals

Chemical producers have until Monday to comply with a sweeping European law requiring proof that products they export are safe. Sarah Gardner reports.

What will OPEC do next?

OPEC ministers are meeting to discuss plummeting oil prices. They are expected to call for a production cut. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports that doesn't mean the OPEC member countries will actually do it.
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