Marketplace PM for September 28, 2005

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The former House Majority leader

Tom DeLay has been in Congress for 25 years. Until about 10am he was the House Majority leader. But party rules say you can't have that job if you've been indicted. From KUT in Austin, Michael May has the story.

Governor Blanco on the Hill

More big hurricane hearings in Washington today. At stake: long term aid. Markteplace's Hillary Wicai reports on what kind of economic assistance the Gulf Coast will need to rebuild. And what it might get.

Put it on the card

The American Bankers Association said today the percentage of past-due credit card payments reached an all-time high this spring. That's before the hurricanes hit the gulf. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.

A diamond, a fast car, and a Dell

At the Ritz Carlton hotel in New York today a new luxury line was rolled out. By Dell — a computer company with a reputation for bargains. Rachel Dornhelm looked into why Dell is so intent on movin' on up.

Whaddaya want, a whole phone system?

Former Federal Communications Commission chairman Reed Hundt talks to host Kai Ryssdal about what it would take to keep emergency communications up and running during a disaster like Katrina.

Tackling Afghanistan's poppy problem

Afghanistan's poppy fields supply as much as 90 percent of the world's heroin. But the US and other countries are putting hundreds of millions dollars behind new some tactics in the war on drugs. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Monitoring Katrina contracts

Rebuilding, recovery and no-bid contracts were kicked around on Capitol Hill today. Coming in for scrutiny were government auditors; watchdog groups wonder if there are enough to do the job. Scott Tong reports.

On poverty: serving The Man

Poverty in this country is evident if you look for it; but most don't. Today we continue our <a href="">series of commentaries</a> on poverty with activist and one-time welfare mom Evelyn Dortch. She says poverty serves The Man.

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