Marketplace PM for September 23, 2005

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Left behind in Houston

Oil prices fell as traders worried just a little less about Houston's refining industry. Still, the city shut down as millions evacuated. AFP Reporter Mira Oberman stayed; she talks to Tess Vigeland.

Helping those hit by hurricanes

Since Katrina hit, the Red Cross and other nonprofit agencies have set up hundreds of temporary facilities to house and feed survivors. Support has flooded in — Hillary Wicai looks into how far that money will go.

Heading to Austin's city limits

Austin Texas took in 5,000 Katrina survivors and was just getting them settled when another 12,000 poured in ahead of Rita. Michael May of station KUT reports on how the city is trying to meet their needs.

Rita and Katrina, resources and Iraq

This weekend activists are gathering in Washington and several other cities for a coordinated anti-war protest, even as the ballooning natural disaster pricetag is putting pressure on war spending. John Dimsdale reports.

The week on Wall Street

David Johnson talks to guest host Tess Vigeland about the business response to Rita and Katrina. Plus word from legendary oil man Boone Pickens about the impact of the storms on natural gas prices.

After disaster, struggling to keep an even keel

The Dallas Fort-Worth area is home to some 17,000 Katrina survivors. Reporter Julia Barton spoke with some of the psychiatrists in Dallas who are trying to make that under-funded system work for hurricane survivors.

New Orleans will survive — and thrive

The soul of a great city lies not in its buildings and streets and parks, says John Steele Gordon. It lies in the hearts of its citizens and their countrymen.

Do you really wanna sell Yosemite?

The Chair of the House Resources Committee made waves today in: GOP Congressman Richard Pombo of California suggested selling 15 national parks for energy or commercial development. It's not quite what it seems.

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