Marketplace PM for September 22, 2005

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Rita and refineries

Barbara Shook is a veteran energy analyst who is still trying to evacuate from her hometown of Houston. She says most of the area's oil refineries started their hurricane preparations earlier this week.

Houston's chemical plants

Petroleum is one of the main building blocks of the chemical industry. As if things weren't bad enough already, about half the nation's chemical plants are in the Houston area. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.

Economic hurricane ripples

New filings for unemployment are up. And gas prices, as we've noted, are on the leading edge of inflation. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler considers some the twin storms' potential ripple effects.

Making a disaster plan

Brinker International — the owner of Chili's, Border Grill and the Corner Bakery — learned quickly from Katrina. CEO Doug Brooks talks to host Tess Vigeland about what they're doing for Rita.

A second chance at primary school

In 1959, Prince Edward County, Virginia chose to close its schools rather than integrate them. Almost half a century later, the students are heading back to class. Martha Woodroof of WMRA has the story.

Delta's cost-cutting begins

It's been about a week since Delta and Northwest Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Today Delta got started with its reorganiztion, announcing it will pink slip 9,000 employees over the next two years. Alisa Roth reports.

Pay hikes for university officials?

Today a Board of Regents finance committee at the University of California considered a proposal to use private donations to supplement the salaries of its executives. Sarah Gardner has the story.

Crafting the perfect body

It's conventional wisdom teenage girls' body images can lead to destructive behavior. Now there's evidence that it's not just girls obsessing over their looks, and it's not all about being thin. Rachel Gotbaum explains.

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