Marketplace PM for September 21, 2005

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Katrina, meet NASA

One group of House Republicans has a plan to help pay for Katrina relief by cutting $140 billion in federal spending next year. John Dimsdale reports their targets are pork. And NASA. And PBS.

Paying too much at the pump?

With Hurricane Rita bearing down on the Texas coast gas prices are heading back above $3 a gallon. A simple question of free market supply and demand — or maybe not so free. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports.

Time Warner not letting AOL go

At an investors conference this morning Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons tried to quell rumors that the company might get rid of AOL. But it's shedding thousands of customers a quarter. Ashley Milne-Tyte has the story.

The Public's Business: how government does biz

Robert Reich figures if big purchasers have massive bargaining leverage, the federal government should be able to get rock-bottom prices from contractors working rebuiding the gulf. So why isn't it?

A house full of water

When your cabinets are soaked and moldy, who cares if the water came from wind-driven rain or waves blown in from the gulf? Well, your insurance company might. Marketplace's Dan Grech reports from Waveland, Mississippi.

GM suppliers won't be happy

GM is scheduled to host a get-together tomorrow with some of its biggest parts suppliers; it's expected to roll out a new plan for cutting billions of dollars in purchasing costs. Cheryl Glaser explains it'll be a tough sell.

From mining iron to the silver screen

It's not easy mining iron. And in 1991, it was particularly difficult for a group of women in Minnesota. Their landmark lawsuit and lives today are profiled by Catherine Winter of American Radio Works.