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Marketplace PM for September 20, 2006

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Boeing takes aim at border security

A steel wall separates Nogales, Sonora, Mexico from Nogales, Ariz.
Jeff Topping (c) Getty Images

Drought saps Chinese crops

Rice farmer Hu Zizhong shows his drought-damaged rice crop and cracks in the rice terrace soil caused by over 70 days without rain at Tieshi village Chongqing Municipality August 20, 2006.
Mark Ralston (c) AFP/Getty Images

Making globalization work

20060920 stiglitzbook

Oil prices keep falling

Gas prices drop to the $2.15 per gallon mark at a gas station in Toledo, Ohio which currently has some of the lowest recorded gas prices in the country.
J.D. Pooley/Getty Images

Too much luggage for the system

Baggage is sent through a CTX explosives screening machine at O'Hare International Airport in December 2004.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Rebellion at the Times

Newspaper rack outside the Los Angeles Times building
J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images

We've got more than car trouble

Commentator Robert Reich
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