Marketplace PM for September 20, 2005

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Undocumented immigrants and Katrina

Lawakers in Washington are still trying to deal with Katrina. Congress was reminded today of the tens of thousands of victims most easy to forget: undocumented immigrants. More from Marketplace's Hillary Wicai.

Stopping avian flu (or not)

The World Health Organization said today the group needs $250 million to fight bird flu. Officials have said a spreading flu could become a global pandemic. Kai Ryssdal talks to health corresponded Helen Palmer.


We have GoogleNews, GoogleMaps, GoogleLocal and just plain Is Google Wi-Fi next? Marketplace's Tess Vigeland reports.

Getting a piece of New Orleans

Here's an unusual formula for a real estate boom: take houses underwater for weeks and add hundreds of billions in federal rebuilding money. Sam Eaton reports investors are circling overhead.

This land is my land

Kelso v. New London: in June the Supreme Court ruled that private property could be taken by cities. According to existing laws, that is. Today congress began making a change. Jonathan Turley talks to Kai Ryssdal.

Afghanistan is ready(ish) for investors

Four years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan is still one of the poorest countries in the world. And just plain dangerous, too. Which makes luring investors a challenge; Miranda Kennedy reports.
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OPEC to the rescue?

Today the oil cartel announced it's going to release 2 million more barrels of oil every day. And it's going to build badly needed refineries to crank out gasoline and heating fuel. Consumer advocate Jamie Court is not impressed.

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