Marketplace PM for September 1, 2006

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Is there more in the housing numbers?

The government said today that construction spending fell 1.2 percent in July — the biggest drop in five years. The main reason: home building is down. So we're at the point of asking, will housing take down the whole economy?
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This protest brought to you by Miller beer

Attendees to a series of immigrant rights marches in Chicago this weekend will find out that Miller Brewing is a sponsor. From Chicago Public Radio, Mike Rhee has the story.

A search Google's got a problem with

In its fight against hate crimes and child porn, Brazil's government wants Google to turn over information on users of its Orkut website. Google says no. Janet Babin reports.
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Union tries to get organized with day laborers

Many rank-and-file members of the AFL-CIO question why their union is pushing for legalization for undocumented day laborers. But proponents say the move is a sign of things to come. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Presidential election has Mexico in gridlock

With a partial recount due next week, it seems certain that conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon will take office. His opponent, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has vowed to create a parallel government. Dan Grech reports.
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Week on Wall Street

Host Scott Jagow checks in with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the week that was and what might lie ahead in the markets.
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Repair shops sync up with broken iPods

Some entrepreneurs have come up with New York's latest cottage industry — iPod repair shops. Adam Allington reports.
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Latest economic indicator: No spin

Commentator and humorist Tim Bedore says journalists are always swallowing the spin that politicians put on economic news. So he's coming up with his own "No-Spin Zone."

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