Marketplace PM for October 7, 2005

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Kind of good news, but for how long?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it could have been worse. The economy lost 35,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.1%. Bob Moon reports that the worst may be yet to come.
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Delphi: sputtering

Auto parts maker Delphi may file for bankruptcy if it doesn't reach a deal with the United Auto Workers. Guest host Cheryl Glaser asks Danny Hakim what the company's prospects are.

Google hits the hill

Google has hired a full-time lobbyist in Washington. Why does an online search engine need to lobby the government? John Dimsdale asks just that question.
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Reaching the kids

This weekend in Washington, hundreds of thousands of people will gather on the National Mall. They won't be there to attend an anti-war protest or a political rally; they're going to church. Scott Tong has the story.

The week on Wall Street

Cheryl Glaser talks to analyst David Johnson about the week on Wall Street, despite the fact that it's one he's trying to forget.
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Getting stuck with the gas bill

Think of all the people who drive as part of their job — sales types, for example. Writer and commentator Christopher Elliott says they're getting the short end of the corporate stick.

Time for Oktoberfest

It's the time of year for brassy oom-pah music and the clinking of beer tankards. Hilary Krieger reports the longtime German tradition of Oktoberfest has sprouted up — in the West Bank.
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