Marketplace PM for October 5, 2005

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Toyota's smooth road ahead

Today, GM announced it's selling part of its stake in Fuji Heavy Industries — the maker of Subaru — to rival carmaker Toyota. Alisa Roth has more.

Taking a bite out of the budget

Federal departments are proposing budget cuts to make Hurricane Katrina ends meet. The Senate Agriculture committee's is thinking cutting food stamps will lop $3 billion off its budget; Helen Palmer reports.

Insurance's big hit

The estimated cost of Hurricane Katrina continues to rise. The British insurance firm Wellington says its losses will be much higher than it exected. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

The Public's Business: Miers' nomination

The debate over Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court is heating up. Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says there's more to it than just party politics.

Not safe to walk to work

During the last decade, more than 350 women have been victims of violent crime in towns across the border from El Paso. Most of them were on their way to or from work at big factories, or "maquiladoras." Carole King reports.

Tipping or stiffing?

Whether you're on a business trip or just having dinner out, the question always comes up: How much to tip? Commentator Ian Ayres says it's time to put the brakes on tipping, for cabbies in particular.

Cell phones and hackers

A new study from researchers at Penn State suggests cell phone networks are vulnerable to attack. A little broadband, some text messages and malicious intent might do it. Marketplace's Scott Tong explains.

Desert robot race, sponsored by DOD

The Defense Department is sponsoring the DARPA Grand Challenge, a 150-mile race for robots. More than 40 robots have been competing for a spot in this year's derby on Saturday. Marketplace's Brett Neely reports.

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