Marketplace PM for October 4, 2005

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Bush confers with the press

Wide-ranging is one way to describe the President's press conference today. He talked about nominee Harriet Miers, steroids in baseball, and how to pay for Katrina reconstruction. John Dimsdale has more.

Casinos looking for better luck

In Mississippi, Governor Haley Barbour said today he'll sign a bill that will let casinos rebuild. This time around, on solid ground. From the Mississippi coast, Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

A new frontier for Google and Sun

Google and Sun Microsystems are teaming up to take on Microsoft, and this might just be a doozy. Sun and Google announced a big distribution deal today; Amy Scott has the story.

Bush and an environmental advocate agree?

Today President Bush said we need to build more oil refineries to take care of a supply shortage. The president's actually sort of right, says environmentalist Dave Hamilton.

Giving to Muslim charities

Ramadan begins this evening. It's the holiest month of the year for Muslims around the world, who will fast and pray. And give to charity. That's has become more difficult since Sept 11. from KQED, Alex Cohen reports.

Copy this!

Paul Orfalea is almost 60 years old. He's a bit over six feet tall and balding a little. 36 years ago he had a full head of red, kinky hair. He used his goofy nickname when he started his company in 1970: Kinko's.

NHL: back on the ice

After more than a year lost cooling its heels in a lockout, the National Hockey League will be cooling them back on the ice starting tomorrow. Tess Vigeland looks at how the owners and players are bringing the fans back.

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