Marketplace PM for October 31, 2006

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Air Force needs war money

Costs for the so-called war on terror are adding up. The Air Force says it will need $50 billion in additional funding, but the emergency budget request could be a hard sell on Capitol Hill, John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Canada, Washington

North Korea back at the table

The U.S. and China announced today that North Korea has agreed to rejoin nuclear disarmament talks. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Michael Moran from the Council of Foreign Relations about the surprising development.
Posted In: Canada

Putting out ineffective ads

Advertising doesn't always work, but in the case of certain anti-smoking ads, a new study finds that they're actually having the opposite effect. Janet Babin reports.

A case of power and pollution

How should the EPA measure the pollution spewing from a smokestack? Tomorrow the Supreme Court hears a complex case that pits environmentalists against a power company. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Crime

Big oil slips up

Oil companies are still making hefty profits, but they're having trouble finding and pumping more crude. It's a major problem and the companies themselves may be partly to blame, Stephen Beard reports.

Fantasy soccer for big spenders

A couple of UK hedge funds are hoping to score big in a surprising new arena: soccer player futures. Amy Scott explains.
Posted In: Investing, Sports

GOP backers beware

If one or both chambers of Congress go to the Democrats next week, commentator Jeff Birnbaum says new Congressional leaders will almost certainly be punishing some companies.

Who's getting swindled?

Identity theft is the fraud de jour, but old-fashioned con artists are still alive and well. A new study looks at who's most susceptible — and it's not always who you might think. Apryl Lundsten reports.
Posted In: Crime

It's beginning to look like a Lego-less Christmas . . .

Lego announced today that some of its hottest products are sold out — and there may not be more in time for the holidays. The Marketplace Players remind us that you don't mess with Santa.

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