Marketplace PM for October 3, 2005

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On the economic docket

Before John Roberts put on his new Chief Justice robes this morning the president nominated White House counsel Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. John Dimsdale looks at the Supreme Court's case load.

Savings of the Nobel Prize in medicine

Two researchers figured out that stress was not the culprit behind ulcers; a bacterium called H. Pylori is. Their discovery earned them the Nobel Prize in medicine. Alisa Roth has more.

Who's hoping to join the EU?

Pop quiz: what city is in both Asia and Europe? Well, it's now closer to becoming part of the EU. Stephen Beard reports from London (click on the story to get your quiz answer).

Small is beautiful

Car sales figures came out today: Ford was down nearly 20 percent last month; GM was off 24 percent. Marketplace's car guy Dan Neil stopped by to tell Kai Ryssdal what's coming next.

Shoot 'em up — with penicillin

Educators are turning to video games to teach adults as well as kids. Academics and game designers see particular promise in games to teach healthcare, as Helen Palmer discovers.

After the wall's fall

Today is the offical 15th anniversary of German reunification. Merging a strong capitalist economy with a communist one was a little bumpy: the economy in the East remains far behind the West. Curt Nickisch reports.

Indians on the phone

Manpower Incorporated is powering up for major hiring — in India. Writer and commentator J.D. Samant argues that when it comes to business, India is far smaller than you might think.

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