Marketplace PM for October 29, 2004

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The week that was on Wall Street

Host David Brown catches up with Dallas Stockbroker and analyst David Johnson about the week on Wall Street.

Special Report: The Crash of 1929

Seventy-five years ago today - on October 29th, 1929 - the stock market crashed. On that day - "Black Tuesday" as it came to be known - the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 12 percent. And that was just the beginning. The Dow would eventually bottom out in July of 1932 at 41 points. That's right - 41. By then investors had lost billions and the country was in the throes of its worst financial crisis ever. Today, Marketplace's Matthew Algeo takes a special look back at Black Tuesday, a day that triggered monumental changes in America's financial markets - and in America itself.
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