Marketplace PM for October 26, 2004

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An "ownership" society?

Contrary to popular opinion, Herbert Hoover did not promise a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. According to the Hoover Presidential Library, that little nugget was cooked up by the Republican National Committee for the 1928 presidential campaign. And yet it's become part of the American Lexicon. Fast forward to 2004. Remember the Republican convention and all the talk about an "ownership society"? Commentator and writer Clive Crook does, but just barely.

New York's proud subway turns 100

Getting around town would be impossible without it. And, it is 100 years old. New Yorkers will immediately recognize that we're talking about their subway system. But New York's underground train network is showing its age. And the agency that runs it is in rough financial shape. Reporter James Murdock says there are plans to spend some cash. Eventually. (Photo: Getty Images)

You say tomato, I say ... tomato

Fresh white truffles for $160 an ounce. Beluga caviar, $1600 a pound. These are edibles you expect to cost a bundle--and don't expect to pick em up at Krogers, either. But there's another food item that's been commanding stratospheric prices of late, though you'd hardly consider it a delicacy ... Marketplace's Lisa Napoli tells us about the shortage aux tomatos. (Photo: Getty Images)

Making money in, and around, Iraq

Today, Iraqi kidnappers released a Jordanian businessman. But not until they got what they asked for: a ransom of $150,000 dollars. Also today, a truck driver from Croatia was reported missing after his convoy was attacked. And bombs went off in two Iraqi cities. This is business as usual in Iraq at the moment, and it is hard to make money. But despite the chaos, many wealthy Iraqis are still striking profitable deals. Their secret? Setting up shop somewhere else. Marketplace's Middle East correspondent Adam Davidson has our story.
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