Marketplace PM for October 25, 2005

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Performing surgery on Medicare and Medicaid

Congress is making a big push this week to come up with spending cuts to help lower the federal budget deficit. In the spotlight today were proposals to trim Medicare and Medicaid. John Dimsdale reports from Washington.
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Weathering Wilma in Florida

Hurricane Wilma has stirred up heavy rains in the Northeast; Florida is drying out. It may take weeks to restore power to many, adding to the recovery time for everyone... including reporter Dan Grech.

What about the next 200 years?

Depending on who you talk to, the New York Stock Exchange's merger with Archipelago may have little effect, or it could mean the end a way of life that's lasted more than 200 years. Alisa Roth spoke to NYSE veterans.

It's come to this: Mom-and-Pop blogs

Those ubiquitous blogs; they're cheap, direct, and can reach users wherever they may be. So naturally, blogs are now becoming a tool for small companies that might not have big marketing budgets. Patrick Hirsch reports.

The last full measure?

Another sad milestone was set today in Iraq: The number of American dead has reached 2000. Commentator and political philosopher Benjamin Barber says the American rhetoric of sacrifice has died, too.

Pulitzer-prizewinner Robert Caro on NYC

Robert Caro wrote the definitive biography of Robert Moses, the man who built many of the roads and bridges that define New York. He talks to host Kai Ryssdal about New York, his hometown.
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