Marketplace PM for October 21, 2004

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The new pill pitch

Women who take the birth control Pill get a warning: it could have adverse effects in other areas of their health. Well today scientists with the Women's Health Initiative -- the biggest study ever done on oral contraceptives -- reversed decades of research and said in fact the Pill could have beneficial health effects beyond preventing pregnancy. Our health reporter Helen Palmer joins us with the details.
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Ballot battles

Open up a ballot in the majority of states on November and you'll find a dizzying array of ballot measures. Florida voters will choose whether to cap attorneys fees and vote on a three strikes measure for doctors who commit malpractice. In Nevada, they'll consider limits on malpractice damages and whether to regulate insurance premiums. Commentator and consumer activist Jamie Court is a veteran of ballot initiative wars ...

Crowded ports ... and delays

As we all know, many of the goodies transported in Santa's sleigh from the North Pole arrive in this country via China. A lot of people must have qualified for Santa's list this year, because demand for consumer goods is way up. At the nation's busiest port in Long Beach, they were expecting a five percent increase in commercial traffic for the season. Instead, it's already up ten percent. That's created severe congestion. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler has the story.

Ballot Bucks: jobs, jobs, jobs

Today Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said science and technology were the key to a stronger economy and job creation in this country. President Bush has touted his tax cuts as providing an engine for job growth. But with employers still seemingly reluctant to hire - the question remains what to do about all those folks who want jobs but can't find them. Today as we continue "Ballot Bucks" Marketplace's Bob Moon looks at what the candidates are offering to spur the job market.

Baseball reaches for the satellites

XM Satellite Radio's got a major new deal with Major League Baseball that offers subscribers access to games from every pro team. Marketplace host Tess Vigeland and Fox Sport's Ed Derse discuss baseball's leap to new media platform, which may recall the golden age of the game.

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