Marketplace PM for October 18, 2006

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All's <i>very</i> well on Wall Street

Wall Street workers were paid close to $300,000 last year on average, and securities firms like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch are turning $3 billion quarterly profits. Amy Scott reports on the banking boom.
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Chavez pushing for OPEC cuts

OPEC will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to debate cutting oil production &mdash; and no one wants to send oil prices back up more than Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Dan Grech explains.
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Europe forcing higher energy standards

The EU is set to adopt new, tougher energy efficiency standards for consumer products there. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to industry consultant Mike Kirschner about how the move might impact American businesses.
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Can we afford to secure Iraq, North Korea . . . ?

Commentators David Frum and Robert Reich give their respective two cents on the issues that matter most &mdash; but probably won't get any air time &mdash; in the upcoming midterm elections. This week, defense spending and world architecture.<br clear="left" />

Ford surviving on the Edge

Building and selling more hybrid cars is a major part of Ford's turnaround strategy. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to LA Times auto critic Dan Neil about the company's success so far.

When life gives you lava . . .

The bustling town of Goma, Congo was devastated several years ago when a volcano erupted and engulfed the town in lava. But residents there have found an economic silver lining, Suzanne Marmion reports.
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A new business service marketed squarely at immigrants launched today in San Francisco: It's an over-the-phone translation service for non-English-speaking consumers. Rachel Dornhelm has the 411.
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