Marketplace PM for October 18, 2005

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A new tax code — maybe

The president has appointed a special panel to recommend changes to the tax code, all 3.5 million words of it. Today the panel said it's time to simplify. John Dimsdale has the story.
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More Tamiflu on the way

Governments are trying to stockpile Tamiflu, the anti-viral made by the Swiss company Roche. But it's in short supply. Today Roche is trying to do something about that. Helen Palmer reports.
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Good marketing or privacy violation?

More than 100 groups, from peace activists to privacy advocates, want to know why the Department of Defense is spending tens of millions of dollars to keep track of young people. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Congressional travel — in a gray area

Tax law prohibits members of Congress from taking international trips paid for by private foundations. But Marketplace and Bob Williams from the Center for Public Integrity have learned California Republican Richard Pombo may have done just that. Click to hear — and read — Steve Henn's report.
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Vanguard's founder on risk and capitalism

In his new book <a href="">The Battle for the Soul of Caliptalism,</a> Vanguard founder John Bogle says that somewhere along the way, capitalism has gone awry. He talks to host Kai Ryssdal.
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Democrats: don't break out the champagne

Tom DeLay will be in court later this week, Washington is abuzz about that CIA leak case, and Karl Rove has cancelled a few GOP fundraisers. But Adrian Wooldridge says the Democrats shouldn't start celebrating.

A new twist in that cocktail

Alex Cohen reports that beer-and-wine-only establishments in New York and California are serving up cosmopolitans and mojitos with the aid of an obscure business regulation.

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