Marketplace PM for October 18, 2004

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Is the U.S. losing out without Kyoto?

You may be aware that the Bush Administration pulled out of the Kyoto Treaty on Climate Change in 2001. But that didn't mean the end of the global effort to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions. This week the Russian parliament begins debating the measure. Since the U.S. is not part of Kyoto... companies here won't have to comply with expensive upgrades to their emissions technologies. But Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports that instead of putting them at an international advantage, U.S. manufacturers could be missing out.
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Commentary: Does the Kyoto decision make sense

Commentator David Manasian of The Economist weighs in on the Bush administration's rejection of the Kyoto treaty.

Voting early

In the news business we work odd hours... so we are able to vote either first thing in the morning or even in the middle of the afternoon. If you're a 9-to-5'er you've probably waited in line at the polling station. In several states you can vote before Election Day - either by mail or at voting booths. Voters in the swing-state of Florida started today as did Texas, Colorado and Arkansas. Skeptics wonder how much of this is really about helping workers... or whether it's more about using exit poll data to influence campaigning in other states. Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

Ballot Bucks: Healthcare

With just two weeks to go before Election Day it may be tough to get beyond the soundbites of the campaign trail. But despite the sometimes-incendiary rhetoric President Bush and Senator Kerry have also been staking out honest -- and profound -- policy differences. That includes issues with a direct impact on your wallet. Today we kick off another in our ongoing series of reports we're calling "Ballot Bucks." It's a buyer's guide, of sorts, to the political product you'll be purchasing on November second. Helen Palmer starts us off this week with a look at healthcare...

Cashing out or cashing in ...

Home builders are riding a tide of low mortgage rates and more potential buyers. A report out today from the National Association of Home Builders says optimism about sales grew in October to its strongest level this year. It's pretty much the same in the market for existing homes. So if you're already a home owner it can be awfully tempting to sell and cash in. In this edition of the Loh Down... commentator Sandra Tsing Loh discovers there's a catch.

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