Marketplace PM for October 17, 2005

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Whoa, what's happening with GM?

General Motors reported a third quarter loss of $1.6 billion today, and it's selling off part of its most profitable division. Investors seemed to think that's OK. Bill Poorman from Michigan Radio has the story.

Blackberry e-mails for your Treo

Today Palm Pilot and Blackberry made nice. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland has more on the new cooperation between two longtime high tech rivals.

A generic Tamiflu

A maker of generic drugs based in Mumbai plans to manufacture the Roche anti-viral Tamiflu — even though it's under patent protection for another 11 years. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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Art for art's sake?

Tomorrow the finalists for the Turner Prize will have their work shown at the Tate Museum in London. How do we put a value on art? Dutch journalist Olav Velthius says there's actually a method to the art market.

All dressed up with no place to go

Mattel reported third quarter profits this morning: earnings dropped 12 percent. The world's largest toymaker is doing the best it can with its 40 year old Barbie. And Sandra Tsing Loh says Barbie is actually getting brainy.

Making Katrina ends meet

Lawmakers were back in Washington today with plenty to do. On the agenda? Cutting spending to deal with costs in Iraq and on the Gulf Coast. Marketplace's Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale talks to Kai Ryssdal.

Picking the best workers

Two cabinet secretaries will be testifying tomorrow as the Senate Judiciary Committee looks into immigration reform. From San Diego, Rachel Dornhelm reports on immigrant worker issues.

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