Marketplace PM for October 14, 2004

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Asking Ralph ...

Ralph Nader continues his scrappy presidential campaign. State by state, he's been fighting to get his name on the ballot. Some Democrats consider him a spoiler, who could take votes from Senator Kerry and possibly tip the balance in favor of President Bush. As you are probably aware, grass-roots groups across the country have mobilized to stop the Nader campaign. But as Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports, a new group is trying an economic incentive ...

Campaigning shifts to fifth gear

Now the campaigning goes non-stop. Both President Bush and John Kerry started the day in Nevada. But tonight they'll be in very different parts of the country. Kerry is off to Iowa. Bush, to Oregon. Commentator Christina Williams was part of a group that surveyed the Oregon business community. She says President Bush needs to convince a group of voters the Republicans can usually count on...

Rethinking Jihad

Ramadan begins Friday. Last year insurgents launched coordinated attacks at the outset of the Muslim holy month and the military commanders fear a repeat. So this year, U.S. and Iraqi forces have stepped up military operations. Late today there were reports of heavy airstrikes on Fallujah. After 19 months of what's often described as an insurgency, some clerics are wondering if the cost of Jihad is simply too high. Borzou Daragahi reports.
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What do those "indicators" really mean?

Today the Labor Department said the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose by 15,000 last week. Another sign the labor market continues to be soft. But you won't hear people talking about this number very much today. Though some might be tempted to think this has to do with the red hot political season, the truth is more complicated. It is easy to get lost in the forest of economic figures, and no one knows that better than Bernard Baumohl. He's a former economics reporter for Time Magazine. And he's finished a book which lays out what he calls the secrets of economic indicators...

Life insurance - for kids?

A spike in juvenile violence in the poorest parts of the nation's capitol has left many grieving families wondering how they will pay for their child's funeral. From the Marketplace Work and Family Desk, Hillary Wicai reports on a practical, yet disturbing solution.

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