Marketplace PM for October 12, 2005

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Nano is so 10 minutes ago

Just weeks after Apple came out with its Nano mp3 player, it introduced a new iPod today. The little guy plays music &#8212; and music videos &#8212; and <em>Desperate Housewives</em>. Alisa Roth has more.

Home heating headed through the roof

The Department of Energy said today heating bills for homes that use natural gas will average 48 percent more this year. It'll be a long cold winter &#8212; especially for some in Washington DC. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Martha Stewart homes

Martha Stewart is creating a bunch of 3-bedroom good things; her name will be on an entire subdivision in North Carolina. Janet Babin has the story.

Anything you can do

Beijing launched its second manned space flight this morning. It is the world's fastest growing economy. Writer and commentator Martin Wolf says it looks like China's following our lead.

The New Orleans diaspora

Today we have an update from St. Louis, as it deals with the economics of an influx of 5,000 New Orleans refugees. Tom Weber reports that while some have left, others have already put down roots.

Workplace ethics &#8212; not so good

It's been almost four years since Enron's spectacular collapse. But a study out today suggests not much has changed in the world of business ethics. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler explains.

Sharing in Canada

Alaskans will get their oil dividend checks this week: 845 dollars this year. Those of us in the lower 48 won't get anything. But for Alberta, Canada, things are a little different. Steve McNally explains.

TV ads: perfect fit?

Advertisers are edging their themes right up to the under-the-feminist-skin line. Or wait, are they crossing it? Andrea Gardner takes a closer look.

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