Marketplace PM for October 12, 2004

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Elections and conventional wisdom

Elections and conventional wisdomWe're only three weeks away. Wall Street's rolling out the predictions. If President Bush wins a second term, conventional wisdom goes, it's good news for oil companies and HMO's. If Senator Kerry wins, alternative energy companies stand to gain but drug companies can forget about it. However, as Marketplace's Amy Scott reminds us, conventional wisdom does not a stock broker make. (Photo: Getty Images)

Taking the big screen public

Flush with cash from their box-office hit "Shark Tale," Dreamworks Animation is going public to raise cash. They're figuring on raising more than a half billion dollars. What to do with all that money? Make more movies perhaps? Marty Goldensohn has our story.

Microsoft and bundling

It's a relatively small decision that could affect one of America's biggest companies. Any day now, a European judge will decide whether Microsoft has to un-bundle its Media Player from its famous Windows operating system. Understandably, you may not be holding your breath awaiting the outcome. But commentator Barry Nalebuff says this decision thousands of miles away could wind up making a difference in a living room near you.

An extreme makeover for Florida?

The Senate today gave final approval to send $14.5 billion to states hit by four recent hurricanes. Especially welcome news to weary Floridians. Two million people in the excessively stormy Sunshine State have claimed damages totaling $22 billion and counting. Some parts may never fully recover from the storms, but many others have seized the opportunity for an extreme makeover. From our Americas Desk in Miami, Dan Grech reports. (Photo: Getty Images)

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