Marketplace PM for November 9, 2004

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The new video frontier

Microsoft expects $100 million in revenue today from sales of one video game title - 'Halo 2.' Host David Brown talks to author Mitchell Wade about the video game industry and how first person shooter games will change workplace dynamics for the next generation of employees.
Posted In: Science

The next four years ...

Former George W. Bush economic adviser Glenn Hubbard takes a look at the 'compassionate conservative' agenda and how it will apply to the third-rail of social security over the President's second term. First in a series on the 'Next Four Years.'


Marketplace host David Brown digs into the mailbag, for another edition of Letters.

Japan's immigration culture clash

A new U.N. report says Japan must impose much more lenient immigration policies to keep the country's productivity rate high, but Japan's homogenous culture butts heads with that request. Marketplace's Jessica Smith reports from Tokyo.
Posted In: Canada

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