Marketplace PM for November 8, 2005

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Fewer Chinese textile imports? Maybe.

Today Washington and Beijing announced a new agreement involving quotas for Chinese textile imports... quotas aimed at protecting US manufacturing jobs. But as Jocelyn Ford reports, Chinese exporters aren't too upset about it.

Dress code compensation

If you have to spend half an hour getting in and out of protective clothing to do your job, should your employer pay you for that time? The Supreme Court says yes. Lisa Napoli has the story.

How's that bubble doing?

Maybe it's true that the housing market is slowing down. Toll Brothers today cut its sales forecast for next year, and Wall Street sold off housing stocks across the board today. Bob Moon reports.

A man, a plan -- a makeover?

Panama wants to upgrade its famous, but outdated, shipping channel. As Dan Grech reports from the Americas Desk at WLRN in Miami, U.S. companies want a piece of the action.

Windfall profit tax hits the wrong target

Some lawmakers are calling for a windfall tax on big oil's big earnings. But commentator and writer Vijay Vaitheeswaran says that just lets the real culprits off the hook.

Supply and on-demand

NBC and CBS have both inked new distribution deals that will allow you to buy reruns of some of their shows for 99 cents. As television critic Aaron Barnhart told Kai, it's all about watching what you want, when you want.

Dear Marketplace...

We got letters. New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers respond to our special week focusing on Gotham City. A Santa Monica accountant challenges Robert Reich's mortgage theory. And Kai brushes up his math skills.

Better living through diamonds

South African diamond company De Beers announced that it's selling 26% of its mining operations to a black empowerment group. From Capetown, Terry FitzPatrick reports on the larger context.

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