Marketplace PM for November 8, 2004

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I'd rather fight than switch ...

Commentator Richard Frank has a recommendation for Americans during their health plan open enrollment period this month. Those who have problematic health plans should remain with their current plans and cause a stink. Instead, most just switch their providers during the end-of-the-year open enrollment period.

Patents - just patents

A Texas-based company owns the patent for a picture-viewing technology on personal computers. The technology wasn't a big deal with they patented it, but is now the Internet's standard for compressing images. Now the company wants to cash in. From Austin, Larry Schooler reports...
Posted In: Science

Looking back at U.S. business

Host David Brown talks to author Harold Evans about his book "They Made America" ... and great innovators in the history of American business.
Posted In: Wall Street

"Slip siding ... away"

A Georgia couple unhappy with their siding set up a controversial website targeting the company. In response, they were sued by said company. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports on the legal ramifications and the web.

A very, very legal election...

Both political parties hired thousands of lawyers in preparation for legal challenges on Election Day. While the legal challenges were far less acute than expected, the lawyers still collected some hefty paychecks. Marketplace's Scott Tong examines the spot market for lawyers.

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