Marketplace PM for November 7, 2005

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Is it torture if we do it?

The president said today the US government doesn't torture terror suspects. But his Defense Department budget request is tied up in a dispute with Senators over just how codified that policy is. Hillary Wicai reports.

Guidant wants its shotgun wedding

Medical manufacturer Guidant is suing Johnson & Johnson, saying they should complete an agreed $25.4 billion takeover. Helen Palmer reports that J&J's foot dragging may be a bargaining tactic.
Posted In: Wall Street

Colonel assuages chicken fears

One analyst predicts a bird flu pandemic could send KFC sales down 20% in the US or Europe, despite assurances that cooked chicken is safe. To fight back, the colonel's cooking up an ad campaign. Amy Scott reports.

The broader implications of France's violence

Nearly two weeks of rioting has shaken confidence in the French government's ability to address the crisis. Kai Ryssdal speaks to historian Reza Aslan about some of the wider problems the riots pose for Europe.
Posted In: Canada

The drug companies and the deep blue sea

With profits plunging in the pharmaceutical industry and r&d costs on the rise, companies are looking for the next big drug. As Stacey Vanek Smith reports, they're starting to get their sea legs.

Hasta la vista special interests? Not quite.

The $250 million being spent on ballot measures in California's special election makes it one of the most expensive elections of its kind in US history. Consumer advocate Jamie Court reflects on what's at stake.

Little Orphan Arty

It's often illegal to use creative works without permission. But what if you can't find the owner? As Jessica Smith reports, the US Copyright Office is worried that this issue is stifling the creative marketplace.

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