Marketplace PM for November 5, 2004

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The voting Christian right

Polls show that support among the Christian Right put President George W. Bush over the top on Tuesday. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai looks into what religious conservatives may expect in return ... for their turn out.

Forbes goes to China ...

Forbes Magazine has issued its annual list of China's richest people. The list-makers prove that private industry is growing more powerful in China, where state-owned business once dominated. As Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing, the change in Chinese ways is good for American companies doing business there.
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The week that was... on Wall Street

Host David Brown catches up with Dallas Stockbroker and analyst David Johnson about the week on Wall Street.

Door-to-door AIDS battle

In Africa, women account for three-quarters of all HIV infections. As Eric Whitney reports, a group Kenyan women is fighting back with education, using a door-to-door tactic that's familiar to many suburban moms.
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Running for the money

Thousands and thousands of runners converge on New York this weekend to run the ING Marathon. It's a once-in-a-lifetime race for some. But are the pros who do it for the endorsements gambling their market value in the long run? WHYY's Ian Chillag has more on marathon money.

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