Marketplace PM for November 30, 2004

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Lumber wars

President Bush began his first official trip to Canada today. Simmering trade tensions over beef, wheat and pork were on the menu as he met with the Canadian Prime Minister. But perhaps the most difficult issue is that 27 percent tariff the U.S. slapped on Canadian softwood lumber back in 1982. It was the Reagan administration claiming unfair competition. At the time, Canadians worried the tariff would wreck their industry. But as Americas Desk reporter Dan Grech tells us, it may have had quite the reverse effect.
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Lemon laws

You can raise the hood, kick the the tires, but who's inspecting the fine print on that auto loan? Today the Supreme Court ruled that even if you're tricked into a bad deal, you only get limited damages under a longstanding consumer protection law. Banks and auto dealers had worried that if they lost this case, it could open the door to over a billion dollars in damages every year. Over a billion? Gretchen Cook reports.

The small car bonus

A man named Godfrey Sullivan is President and CEO of a California software company called Hyperion. While on a vacation in Tahoe recently, Sullivan had an idea for a new employee perk. Today, his company called an all-staff meeting, for a special announcement.

Arnold goes to Washington

Tonight the first President Bush bestows the George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service - to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tomorrow, the California Governor hits Dallas for a fundraiser. Bringing in the bucks is a big part of the job for any politician with national aspirations. Commentator and consumer activist Jamie Court argues you can learn a lot about the Governor by comparing his political and fundraising record in California.

Muslims - The TV network!

If you've got a hobby, there's probably a television channel out there for you. Golf, cars, fishing, you name it. Identify with a specific lifestyle or ethnic group? There are channels devoted to Christians, women, gays and lesbians, Latinos and Hispanics. But there's been no network serving one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in this country, American Muslims. Until today. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports

Another exodus

Yesterday we told you about that UN report which claims that on balance, immigrants boost the economies of their host countries. Great Britain would seem to be a case in point. It has opened the door to millions of immigrants. Its economy is buoyant, unemployment is at a record low, and home prices are among the highest in the world. Nonetheless, native-born Brits are fleeing their homeland. Marketplace's European Bureau chief Stephen Beard looks at why.
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