Marketplace PM for November 29, 2005

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I want my MTV - and nothing else

Suppose you could pay for only the cable channels you want, and none of the ones you don't? Today the FCC gave its support to "a la carte" pricing. Bob Moon reports on how the debate is shaping up.

You might be getting a jet for Christmas

Per the Commerce Department, orders for big-ticket manufactured items were up last month. The huge jump for those durable goods was thanks to a big demand for aircraft. Gretchen Cook investigated.

Sacre bleu, l'hotel c'est tres cher!

Travelers to Paris have long complained of the cost of high end hotels. As Stephen Beard reports from London, there may be a dark reason for the sky-high rack rates. And it's not the price of chocolates on the pillow...

Or you could just buy the entire Paris hotel

According to New York magazine, the partners at investment bank Goldman Sachs will be getting pretty decent Christmas bonuses. They're enormous, actually. Amy Scott went to find out how such a payday is even possible.
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If I had a million dollars...

What would you do with a investment banker's holiday windfall? Ashley Milne-Tyte asked some New Yorkers for their two cents.
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Undies get a new life

Patagonia, the California outdoor apparel maker, is recycling lots of tattered and torn... underwear. As James Mills reports, the company says it saves money and resources.

A true child of globalization

7'6" center Yao Ming arrived in the NBA 3 years ago, and was an immediate international sensation with a multi-million dollar contract and big endorsements. Author Brook Larmer told Tess Vigeland what Yao represents.

Hola, NOLA

There's a working population in New Orleans taking the lead in reconstruction efforts, and they may permanently alter the Crescent City. As Dan Grech tells us, that's sparked a wide-ranging debate.

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