Marketplace PM for November 29, 2004

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The changes continue

There was a chill to what an administration official told the Washington Post today. The unnamed source said Treasury Secretary John Snow is free to stay - provided it's not for very long. Signs are pointing to a second overhaul of the President's economic team in as many years. Today, the President announced a new commerce secretary nominee. His name is Carlos Gutierrez -and his claim to fame: turning around Kellogg's. Marketplace's Scott Tong has more.

Bring on the migrant worker!

One in every 35 people on earth today is a migrant. They're mostly people from poor countries moving to richer ones. Their numbers are rising, but a UN report out today says the wealthy host nations should not fear the trend. They should cheer it. Gretchen Cook has more.

Kabul's entry into high-end communications

Our final advice to America: make a choice on how to treat the Muslim world. That's the highlight of a new videotape broadcast on Al-Jazeera today. It was delivered by a man in a white turban with an automatic rifle, believed to be Al Qaida's number two. As the manhunt continues in the mountainous west, to the east n places like Kabul - the focus is on reconstruction. As Jason Paur reports, all this activity has led the local business community to discover the virtues of letting one's fingers do the walking.
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DVD - The Next Generation

You know that new DVD player you bought last weekend? By the middle of next year, there's likely to be a new kind of DVD machine - a high definition version. You can't buy one today. Which is a little frustrating, given the hype today from one technology company. As Marketplace's Lisa Napoli explains, it just goes to show you how far in advance the jockeying for position - and consumer attention - begins.
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Murdoch's new push for the stars

Rupert Murdoch's Fox network is a major success on regular TV. His Fox News network has other cable news networks rethinking their approach to news. And now he's got big plans for satellite TV. Host David Brown talks to Fortune magazine writer, Adam Lashinsky about Murdoch's plans for the dish.
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"I love my Legoland!"

We mentioned last weekend's mixed retail sales. Here's a tidbit from Wal-Mart - sales of video games were particularly strong. That's not news to makers of traditional toys. They know they're losing the kids to electronics. In fact, a Danish company that makes simple snap-together building bricks has announced it will be closing its branded theme parks including the one here in Southern California. Commentator Hank Rosenfeld (that's him in the photo at Legoland) thought it might be time for one last trip...

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