Marketplace PM for November 28, 2006

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Bernanke had something for everyone

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke had a pretty rosy outlook on the economy — except that the core rate of inflation remains "uncomfortably high" and the housing and auto sectors are dragging. Critics say it's a mistake to downplay those factors.
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Wall Street simplifies

There are two kinds of regulators on Wall Street: government and private sector. Today the two main private regulators announced plans to merge, but not everyone's cheering the move. Amy Scott reports.
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YouTube goes (partly) wireless

Soon you'll be able to watch skateboarding dogs on your cell phone. If editors choose that clip. YouTube announced a deal with Verizon Wireless today, but critics say the way it'll work is, well, dumb. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Ecuador's new direction

Officials in Ecuador say that left-leaning Rafael Correa has won the Presidency. He's promising all kinds of economic reforms that are making U.S. investors nervous. Alisa Roth reports.
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New standards for patently obvious?

A Supreme Court case featuring a patent dispute over gas pedals could take some of the fuel out of the current patent system. Janet Babin explains.
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Making a case to regulate CO2

Twelve states want to force a reluctant EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. Big Business is split. Sarah Gardner helps us sort out who's on what side of Massachusetts v. EPA and what it all means.
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Philanthropy with strings attached

A major donor wants to withdraw a $750 million gift to Princeton University. Only thing is, the donor's family first gave Princeton the money over 40 years ago. Host Bob Moon talks to philanthropy expert Stacey Palmer.

Putting a little faith in your listing

As the housing market cools across the country, sellers are working harder to move their properties. Commentator Mike Hickcox's home sat unsold for six months. That's when he tried something unconventional . . .
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And this final (musical) note . . .

ABBA remains one of the best-selling bands of all time, more than 25 years after their breakup. Today, organizers announced plans to build a museum in Stockholm dedicated to the Swedish super-pop group.
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