Marketplace PM for November 25, 2005

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Black Friday madness

The shopping season has begun. It's the mother of all seasons in a consumer-driven economy, and shoppers didn't disappoint this morning. Hillary Wicai reports.

Toy story

Remember when all your kid desperately wanted for Christmas was a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll? Well, kids have gone upscale and high-tech; this year they're as likely to have a cell phone on their wish list. Bob Moon reports.

Gaza border opens

Rafah, a border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt that had been closed since the Israelis pulled out of Gaza, officially re-opened today under Palestinian control. Hilary Krieger reports.

Toxic China

Millions in the city of Harbin face another day without tap water while a 50-mile benzene spill flows down their river. Meanwhile, fears of contaminated water hit the Chonqging region after a second chemical factory explosion. Ruth Kirchner reports.

David Johnson

Cheryl Glaser talked with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the holiday week in review, his amusement at what can cause a Wall Street rally these days, and his unique turkey marketing plan.
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The power of the purse

Fara Warner is author of "the Power of the Purse." She says companies have learned that there's more to marketing to women than just adding pink.

A future lost

A bill setting up an asbestos victims' trust fund is scheduled to come before Congress next January at the earliest. Reporter Meghan Daum talked with one family for whom it's too little, too late.
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