Marketplace PM for November 25, 2004

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The rising cost of living

In advance of the holiday and the start of the big shopping season, a veritable feast of figures on Wednesday. Orders for big ticket durable goods slipped a bit, but new home sales rose, consumer sentiment brightened and claims for jobless aid fell more than expected. But even if you're thankful to have a steady job right now, it doesn't necessarily mean you're in the clear. In many cities, some jobs that pay well above the minimum wage don't cover the basics. Ed Ungar reports from the Pacific Northwest.

Say my name, sell my name

Wal-Mart Heiress Paige Laurie got a new sports arena named for her - in honor of the $25 million her parents gave the University of Missouri-Columbia. But tomorrow, it could get a new name. The Missouri system's Board of Curators plans to vote on the change, after allegations that Laurie paid a former roommate $20,000 for doing her schoolwork for her. Her family has given the naming rights back to the University. There's a lot of cash at stake in naming school sports arenas...and it's not just for colleges anymore, either. Reporter Michael May takes us deep into the heart of Texas... where they do love their high school football.

The reformulators

If you've wandered through your local supermarket recently, you might have noticed some of your favorites have have been morphing. You can still find the old stuff, but sharing the shelf space are new "lo-carb" versions. In the last two years American food companies have launched more than a thousand of these variations. That's meant busy times for one branch of the food industry. From the Marketplace Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer took a trip to meet 'the reformulators'.

"Hey you have a great ... bio!"

The Internet dating industry is doing very well these days, eager to match willing singles with that special someone. A lot of folks don't get past looking at pictures and personal bios online. But if your effort is to be a success, sooner or later, you'll have to meet someone. Preferably in public. And who knows - if you're at the International Internet Dating Convention in San Francisco, you might just bump into a guy like our own Cash Peters.
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