Marketplace PM for November 24, 2004

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A valley fights back and wins

Last spring, the Shenandoah Valley took an economic hit. Poultry giant Pilgrim's Pride announced it was closing its turkey processing plant in Hinton, Virginia. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and about 150 turkey farmers were left with no one to buy their birds. But instead of simply accepting the situation, a group of farmers said "not in our Valley". And they formed the Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative. Seven months later, the Hinton plant is poised to reopen... as Martha Woodroof reports.

Meet Hetty Green!

The dollar continued its downward trek today, sliding to yet another record low against the Euro. With just a month left to go, the Dow is up only half a percent so far this year. Those kinds of lousy returns have many professional investors looking for other ways to grow their money. Some are turning to commodities like gold and copper. Others are investing in markets in places like Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Author Charles Slack says that's the same kind of investing resourcefulness demonstrated a hundred years ago by Hetty Green. Born in the 1830s, she was this country's first female tycoon.
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The Next Four Years - values

Today we wrap up our special series of commentaries offering different perspectives on "The Next Four Years". In our final installment - many voters said moral values were the key factor behind their decision to vote for George Bush. Commentator and writer Thomas Frank says now the challenge will be living with those values...

The changing family

Hectic work lives and demanding careers are stretching families further and further apart. Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays when we try to go home again and recreate a kind of Norman Rockwell picture. In Italy, people also cling to the notion of a tightknit family - complete with children, parents, and grandparents. But the reality is that life is changing there, too. And as Megan Williams reports, some family members are getting left out.

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