Marketplace PM for November 23, 2005

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French people are traveling par avion

The world's largest airline, Air France-KLM, reported great quarterly profits. But wait, isn't the airline business dying? Maybe not outside the United States, as Bob Moon reports.

Rockin' in the free-trade world

Before world leaders gather in Hong Kong for a new round of trade talks, US officials are turning to Irish rocker Bono. A massive global trade pact, meant to boost developing economies, hangs in the balance. Amy Scott reports.

New rule, Brittania

Fat people will now be denied certain kinds of operations to cut costs in Britain's state-run National Health Service. Patient groups condemn the decision as callous and unfair. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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The big-and-tall store never had it so good

Not long ago, the NBA instituted an off-duty dress code for players. At first there was a flood of complaints, but as Rich Thomaselli of Advertising Age reports, some are now discovering a business opportunity here.

Putting down new roots

Many Israeli families have been forced to leave Gaza and relocate their lives. Hilary Krieger met with a family who runs a tree farm and is adjusting to being uprooted, both literally and figuratively.

Thankful for the times we live in

What's to be thankful for this week? Americans find plenty to complain about, and the past always sounds rosier. But economist and commentator Steve Moore reminds us that the good old days weren't always that great.

Tip: Don't flush the turkey carcass

Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year -- for plumbers. From Boston, Sean Cole gets the down-and-dirty scoop, from those who know just how ugly it can get.

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