Marketplace PM for November 22, 2005

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Gold nears $500 an ounce

The price of an ounce of gold is almost $500. Bob Moon has the story on why gold - and other commodities - has become so pricey.

Feliz Navidad from Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has a holiday gift for Americans - discounted heating oil. Helen Palmer has more.
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TV, meet the Internet

A deal was announced today between a Boston-based start-up named Brightcove, AOL, and InterActive Corp. Brightcove wants to change the way we watch TV. Is it the next big thing, or all hype? Ethan Lindsey found out.

The spy who booked me

To help with holiday travel, the online travel agent Travelocity is stationing people at major US airports before and after Thanksgiving. They're on the scene to spy for you. Writer and commentator Amy Yee explains.

Turn left at the Internet

Online mapping programs are among the most popular Internet tools. Trade in geographic data generates hundreds of millions each year. Rachel Dornhelm talked to the folks who give those online sites their sense of direction.

We get letters...

Host Kai Ryssdal read listener letters about oil prices, and things big companies really ought to avoid saying in public.

It's a tough job...

... and there's no one to do it. Wanted: Skilled workers. According to a study released today, the US economy has serious labor shortages in some fields. Sarah Gardner reports.

Cheer up, Germany!

From Berlin, Kyle James looks at what one German company - and indeed, the whole country - is doing to get its workers to stop complaining about their jobs and look on the bright side of life.

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