Marketplace PM for November 22, 2004

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Play ball! Again!

Washington DC's new baseball team got baptized today. The team formerly know as the Montreal Expos is now officially the Washington Nationals. City and Major League Baseball officials also unveiled the team's colors: red, white, blue and gold. But does the team have someplace to play? Gretchen Cook has more on that score...

The Next Four Years - dreams and reality

And now from our special series of commentaries from different points of view - The Next Four Years. So far, six cabinet secretaries have left the Bush Administration. Replacements have been named to head up the State, Justice, and Education departments. The top jobs are still open, though, at Energy, Agriculture, and Commerce. Commentator and writer Zanny Minton Beddoes says more important than who'll head up those agencies is whether President Bush has a team that can turn his economic dreams into reality ...

Best Buy beefs up for the Holidays

A new survey from the Consumer Federation of America finds 17 percent of people questioned plan to shell out more this holiday season than last year.But a third say they're cutting back. No surprise that many retailers aren't adding more jobs than they did last season. But one big-box chain is bucking the trend. Kim Green looks at why Best Buy is feeling confident.

In India, anyone can afford a ticket on this airline

American Airlines announced today it's delaying the delivery of 54 Boeing jets 'til the end of the decade. American and other carriers have been struggling to cut costs in a battle of survival amid rising oil prices and cutthroat competition. But in India, that country's first-ever low-cost carrier has just taken off. And at $10 a ticket - just about anybody can fly. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Can't we all just get along?

It's that time of year -- for good cheer, good food, and good company. So commentator and humorist Sandra Tsing Loh says in the wake of a bruising presidential election, now would be a great time for elites from both sides of the aisle to go on cruise control.

Marketplace remembers Vic Sussman

Marketplace lost a longtime friend and collaborator over the weekend. Vic Sussman had been connected with this program for a dozen years - first as a commentator and more recently as a senior editor...

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