Marketplace PM for November 21, 2005

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What's good for the country?

CEO Rick Waggoner said today that GM will close nine plants and lay off 30,000 people. Sue McClure, a reporter for the Nashville Tennessean, talked to us about the expected impact on nearby Spring Hill, Tennessee.

GM layoffs: What does it all mean?

Micheline Maynard is the Detroit bureau chief for the New York Times, and the author of "The End of Detroit." Kai Ryssdal asked her -- what's the future look like for GM?

Sharon moves to the (epi)center

A seismic shift hit Israeli politics today, as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon left the right-wing Likud party to form a new centrist party. The changes could have widespread economic aftershocks. From Jerusalem, Hilary Krieger reports.

Bush in Mongolia

President Bush visited Mongolia yesterday. He thanked leaders for their support of the Iraq war, and urged them to continue democratic reforms. As Jocelyn Ford reports, Mongolia could use a little pep talk about now.


Sandra Tsing-Loh explains her experiences writing hip, punchy dialogue for a chicken.

Lawyers, guns, and money

Europe's $35 billion arms market has thus far been left out of E.U. trade rules, and weapons makers on the continent have been suffering. Now, as Kyle James reports from Berlin, officials have a plan to change that.

Toronto, SARS, and bird flu

Canada learned from its experience with SARS... Lessons that could help the US decide how to spend billions to prevent a bird flu epidemic. From Toronto, Steve McNally reports.
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My own privatized Idaho

The tiny hamlet of Santa, Idaho will vote tonight on whether to change their town's name to "" The Web site stands to gain free publicity. But what's in it for Santa? Elizabeth Wynne Johnson found out.

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