Marketplace PM for November 2, 2004

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The election mood on the street - Wall Street

So just what was the mood on the exchange floor this Election Day? Did the markets predict something? We check in with Wall Street trader Ted Weisberg to find out.

Uncertainty breeds ... uncertainty

The stock market may be the only place that's non-partisan today. It's much less worried about who wins the election than the possibility of a long, drawn-out legal battle. Commentator Zanny Minton-Beddoes predicts the best outcome for financial markets.

The Internet makes it in prime time

There are fears that even at the end of the day tomorrow, the presidential contest will be too close to call. But one thing is already certain - the Internet played a fundamental role in this election. Futurist Andrew Zolli and Marketplace host David Brown discuss the imminent growth of Net-centric politics.
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I was a teenage - poll worker

Across the country, election officials have had to find a way to make up for a shortage of volunteers. But some of those recruited to man the polls aren't even old enough to vote. Youth Radio reporter Jacob Schneider profiles the rise of teenage poll workers.

Employers and elections

Too busy at work to find the time to vote? As Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports, holding the election on a weekday poses a lot of challenges to employers and their workers.

Please, send more lawyers ASAP!

Legions of lawyers have arrived in Florida, just in case the state is once again a hotbed of post-election legal battles. But what's troubling to democracy may boost the local economy. From Miami, Dan Grech reports on business spawned by the in-flux of attorneys.

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