Marketplace PM for November 18, 2004

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Happy Birthday: the TSA turns three

We wanted to send out birthday greetings to the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA turns three years old Friday. Any celebration will probably be low-key. The agency was criticized for going overboard last year with an anniversary bash that cost taxpayers almost half-a-million dollars. But for TSA workers on the frontlines, enforcing airport security is serious business. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler repoprts.

The Next Four Years - environment

Time for another installment in the Next Four Years - our series of commentaries from those of all political shades and stripes. Fines levied by federal regulators against big polluters have hit a 15-year low. And experts say don't expect the second Bush Administration to up the pressure. But markets are stepping in where regulators are stepping out ... says commentator and head of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Richard Sandor.

Anaheim vs. Los Angeles

The city of Anaheim is angry that the owner of Major League Baseball's Angels franchise wants to change the team name to the Los Angeles Angels. Nevermind that the team won't actually be moving from their current stadium in Anaheim. Host Cheryl Glaser asks business-of-sports commentator Ed Derse, 'What's in a name?'

A new sort of testing

A report out today says the number of new people filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week. Add that to the fact that the economy created 337,000 new jobs last month. It all seems to point to a labor market that's picking up. For folks who do succeed in finding work, more and more of them are being given personality tests when they apply. We're not just talking about experience or ambition - but questions like "have you ever disappointed anyone?" or, "do you like to start fires?" Trey Kay looks at why companies are asking these kinds of questions...

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