Marketplace PM for November 17, 2005

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The winter of Republican discontent?

Today a major Republican spending bill was, surprisingly, defeated in the House. Wait, don't they have the majority? And that wasn't the only bad news for the GOP. Kai Ryssdal asks John Dimsdale -- what's up?

Why business doesn't like the Patriot Act

It looks like Congress may make most aspects of the Patriot Act permanent, despite efforts by diverse opponents. As Amy Scott reports, the fight has pitted business leaders against their usual allies in the administration.

Safety dance

European researchers are testing many household chemicals that have been used for years, to see whether they cause health problems. The testing, approved by the European Parliament, could have a big impact on American companies and consumers. Stephen Beard reports.

Risking their lives... and their life insurance

A report out today by the Government Accountability Office warns that shady sales practices have duped many in the military into buying worthless insurance policies and bad investments. Reporter Gretchen Cook reports.

Predatory lending in Ohio

Ohio's rate of mortgage foreclosures is three times the US average. Local leaders are looking for ways to stop unscrupulous mortgage lending practices. This has the attention of bankers and the state's highest court. Mhari Saito reports.

Free trade free-for-all

The Wall Street Journal says U.S. officials are alarmed that China seems to be buying influence with its extensive free-trade push. But Bob Moon reports the problem might be less with China... than with ourselves.

ABC and soccer: Goal?

ABC/Disney paid $100 million for the rights to broadcast soccer in the US. Can soccer on American TV be worth $100 million? Business of sports analyst Ed Derse tells Kai, yes... depending on what ABC expects to gain.

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