Marketplace PM for November 17, 2004

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TiVo changes the channel ...

You've heard of TiVo - the digital TV recording box. The company promises that its gadget will change the way you watch television. For most users that means getting to skip commercials. This feature has the TV industry scared. And so recently, Tivo has been working with broadcasters. As Marketplace's Ethan Lindsey reports, some users may feel a little betrayed.
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A kinder, gentler China?

Today at the annual Asia Pacific economic forum, a Chinese diplomat said his country would push for closer ties to the Bush Administration. After all, the U.S. is its number one trading partner. China wants to put forward a kinder, gentler face abroad. But officials in Beijing are worried about a cultural backlash emerging at home. Jocelyn Ford explains.

The Next Four Years - savings

In today's installment of our opinion series, "The Next Four Years" we take up the future of social security. Back when the President made his remarks about using his political capital, he specifically mentioned his intent to push private social security savings plans for younger workers. Commentator Robert Reich argues that the move promises to unravel a longstanding compact among generations...

"I'm heading north for a few years..."

A few weeks before election day, a writer at San Francisco Weekly did a Google search for the phrase "if Bush wins, I'm..." The results? "If Bush wins, I'm gonna start drinking.""If Bush wins, I'm gonna make like a cicada and hide under the bed for four years." But the number one option, in terms of popularity? It's no contest, really. From Toronto, Ed Ungar has the story...
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