Marketplace PM for November 16, 2005

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Dollar not going quite as far?

Did you notice? The Consumer Price Index rose .02 percent in October. Kai Ryssdal tells you what it all means.

Oil Company Smackdown

A Republican Senator has slipped a provision into a tax bill that would bring in $5 billion from oil companies next year. It's that windfall profit tax that the industry fears. John Dimsdale has more.

If you air it, they will watch?

Lately, ad dollars have been flowing away from network television and toward the Internet. Madison Avenue types wonder if TV ads are worth it. So network execs held a press conference to calm nerves. Jeff Tyler reports.

What does US business want from China?

The president is expected to call for China to revalue its currency. But many US business leaders hope he'll push for other policies, like opening more markets to American companies. Kai Ryssdal spoke to China expert Ted Fishman.

A day without China

A quarter of everything we import comes from China, most of it consumer goods. To see just how much a part of our daily lives China's goods are, we decided to try and spend a day without them. Alisa Roth has more from New York.

Employers and healthcare? Split 'em up

As health costs soar by double digits, every company providing heath coverage to employees is now looking for ways to pare it back. Marketplace commentator Robert Reich has one solution to help them.
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One Laptop per Child -- cool

Unveiled today: A prototype $100 laptop computer, designed for distribution to millions of students in developing countries. It has a hand crank for power. Who wouldn't love this? Jane Lindholm reports.

Coming soon: Virtual debt

There's a place where you can buy an island for $26,000, which is either cheap or pricey, depending on how you look at it... the island in question exists only in an online game. Ethan Lindsey has the scoop on virtual trade.

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