Marketplace PM for November 15, 2004

Episode Description 

The Next Four Years - fewer democrats

It's time for another installment of "The Next Four Years". That's what we're calling our series of post-election commentaries from a variety of political perspectives. We've heard a lot about the GOP agenda for the next four years. But if you want to appreciate what's really getting done, commentator and Republican activist Grover Norquist (pictured) argues you need to follow the money.

Pension problems

Today the head of the federal agency that rescues failed U.S. pension funds was on Capitol Hill. He urged lawmakers to put his agency on sounder financial footing - and fast. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation says its deficit doubled this fiscal year. To more than $23.3 billion. The problem: underfunded pension plans. As Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports, a eerily similar scenario is playing out in the United Kingdom.

Double duties

More mixed reports from Iraq. It appears U.S. forces have won a military victory in retaking Falluja. But bombs are still falling on hard-core rebel areas. And fierce fighting is still reported in Mosul to the north, and Baquba, closer to Baghdad. There are concerns so-called insurgents will take the fight to other cities. For families of American servicemen and women, this is troubling news. But for some of those families, it's doubly troubling. Marketplace Work and Family Desk correspondent Hillary Wicai met one such family based at Fort Lewis, near Seattle.

'Toons from the Big Apple

A book came through our door the other day, and this one got more attention than most - it's probably safe to say. That's because it's a book of cartoons. And we like cartoons. The book is "The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker". All 68,647 of them. Host David Brown talks to New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff about 80 years worth of cartoons poking fun of business.