Marketplace PM for November 14, 2006

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Good news for consumers?

PPI and core producer prices plummeted last month on cheap fuel. The numbers suggest inflation is slowing down, but do they tell the whole picture? Stacey Vanek-Smith does the math.
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Keeping real-time quotes out of reach

The NYSE recently raised fees for feeding market data to Internet companies. They're so high that sites like Google and Yahoo have had to drop the service, so today they asked the SEC to roll back the hike. Bob Moon reports.
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Brain drain in Iraq

Iraqi gunmen abducted researchers and educators in Baghdad today. Such threats have been forcing many of the best minds to leave the country. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Christian Science Monitor's Scott Peterson about the exodus of Iraq's professionals.
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Al Jazeera in English

An international version of the controversial Al Jazeera news channel debuts tomorrow. It's the world's first 24-hour English-language news service from the Middle East. Ramy Inocencio reports.
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NATO warns of natural gas cartel on horizon

Word has it that Russia is preparing to form an OPEC-like global gas cartel. The country today denied the claims — but not its ambitions. Stephen Beard reports.
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No. 2 polluter: Hollywood

Pyrotechnic explosions and massive amounts of electricity used to power huge movie sets are among the factors making Hollywood one of the worst polluters in Los Angeles, says a new study. Sam Eaton reports.
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Microcredit gaining steam in Philippines

The Nobel Peace Prize has brought microcredit into the global spotlight. The idea is that this form of lending is not only good for the poor — but also for business. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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How about Make Things Easier Day?

Today is World Usability Day, a day to promote intuitive engineering and user-friendly design. Commentator and humorist Tim Bedore is all for it, if only we could come up with a better name . . .

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