Marketplace PM for November 12, 2004

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Life - after Arafat

As the Palestinian people mourn the loss of leader Yasser Arafat, Palestinian politicians jockey for power. And without Arafat, some say new money will start flowing into West Bank businesses. Eric Niiler reports.
Posted In: Canada

The week that was on Wall Street

Host David Brown checks in with Dallas stockbroker and analyst David Johnson about the week on Wall Street... and what to look for next week.
Posted In: Wall Street

The Next Four Years - fiscal policy

In our post-election series The Next Four Years: Today we hear from commentator and author Clyde Prestowitz about how we may end up paying for our fiscal policies with our economic world leadership.

Hollywood, movies, and the 21st century ...

Now for more proof that globalization affects everything. Hollywood and the typical American movie have forever changed - because their market is no longer limited to a domestic audience. Host David Brown talks to New York Times Magazine writer Lynn Hirschberg about why there won't be any more Casablanca's...

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