Marketplace PM for November 11, 2005

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Come fly with me

After a four-year hiring freeze, United Airlines plans to bring on 2,000 new flight attendants, and exit bankruptcy protection in the new year. But flight attendants were hardly cheering in the aisles. Amy Scott reports.

Time to ditch that D.C. condo?

One of the country's hottest housing markets is showing signs of a major cool-down. What does it mean? Hillary Wicai has a condo in the nation's capitol she wants to sell you!

Justice sues SIU for discrimination

Southern Illinois University set up diversity programs to increase the number of women and minorities in its graduate programs. Now the Justice Department is threatening a discrimination suit. From WUNC, Janet Babin reports.

Whither France's education system?

The riots in France have underlined how difficult it is for immigrants to integrate into French life. Poor schools have been singled out as one of the reasons. From Lyons, John Laurenson reports on one possible solution.

David Johnson

Dallas stockbroker David Johnson is seeing sunny skies in the markets, and talks with Kai Ryssdal about interesting mergers, including Blackstone's purchase of La Quinta.

And the tiny little Emmy goes to...

An Emmy Award for cell phone content? It begs the question -- what if they just phoned in their performance? Lisa Napoli reports on Hollywood's latest self-congratulatory endeavor.

Bill cares... but does Nick?

Nickelodeon has snagged Bill Clinton for a special edition of Nick News. He'll encourage kids to exercise and eat right. Commentator and psychologist Susan Linn says Clinton could have picked a better partner.

What Would Aslan Do?

Next month Disney releases "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," based on C.S. Lewis's allegorical children's book. As Phillip Babich reports, Christian groups hope to spread the gospel by helping Disney market the film.

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